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Online Golf Academy.....Send your swings to Adam

The Online Golf Academy is designed to help us overcome two of our greatest obstacles in supporting your continued development: time and proximity. This remote coaching program is powered by V1 Pro and provides us with the necessary tools to extend our reach for any client unable to see us for regular in-person sessions and regular clients who request more support along with frequent check-ups between sessions. Rather than leave a session and be on your own until we can meet again online coaching allows us to keep the communication channel open as we target key areas of technique.




  • Send two video's. One down the line and the other one face on.
  • Try to have the camera on the highest frame rate or in the slow motion setting.
  • Position the camera at hand height making sure you are far enough back to get the club fully in the shot.
  • Ideally use a tri-pod or keep the camera resting on something so its as still as possible.
  • Send a description of what is happening to the ball flight and contact, for putting provide a description on distance and direction.
  • Once the video's are received and payment is made via the PayPal option an analysis will be sent back within 24 hours highlighting key area's to assist with improvement or any drills.

Send the video's via email, whatssapp or download the V1 Pro app for free from the app store and select 'Adam Glass Golf Performance' when selecting your chosen instructor. You can then send the video's directly to Adam for analysis.

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