First the PlaneSwing . . . now we have a TOMI Putt Lab

In common with so many other golfers, I found it both frustrating and curious that one day I could take 26 putts, yet the next day 34, even when the proximity to the hole with my approach shots was very similar in distance.

It was this curiosity that prompted me to look into the putting stroke in greater detail by studying the putting strokes of some of the top professional golfers, and the common trends that most of them have have in common.

In my own quest for more consistency I developed a great depth of knowledge which I can now pass on with the help of modern teaching tools in my studio.

In the comfort of my Indoor Putting Studio I can offer players an opportunity to obtain high-tech analysis of their putting technique with a system previously only available to tour professionals.

The bespoke studio contains a state of the art Huxley artificial putting green, training aids, large mirrors, and a high speed Nikon camera to track ball-roll.

The studio is one of a limited number of sites in the UK to be fitted with a TOMI Pro Putt Lab.

The TOMI system uses basic mechanics to measure alignment, rotation, path, loft, impact spot and tempo. It provides these results in an easy to understand graphical report.

From the analysis, recommendations can be made to improve stroke mechanics, style and fit of putter or type of practice programme to be implemented.

Putting comprises more than 40% of the game without the physical demands of the long game. It is this that makes putting so unique.

If you would like to see your average number of putts per round reduce, or think a change of putter may be the solution then a session in the comfort of my putting studio is a must.